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Are we prisoners of our minds?

Mental health has been at the core of my career from my first proper job on the prison wings through to the work I do now as a clinical psychotherapist. I’ll save you from the twists and turns of my career journey and focus on one particular area – my therapeutic work with offenders.

What has my work with offenders got to do with mental health?

This article shows the parallels that mental health challenges can present in the loss of freedom. Freedom to live a life beyond the bars of your mind. The prisoners all had a story to tell, of their life that led to crime and ultimately prison and the significant impact this had on their victims. The one thing that they all had in common was their loss of freedom. The life behind bars that stripped them from a community beyond the perimeter of the prison fence.

I’m not drawing parallels with offenders and those with mental health challenges, but observing the loss of freedom that comes with mental health challenges.

I worked in over ten prisons up and down the country and this exposed me to the vulnerable worlds within. I gained insights to what the loss of freedom can have on those inside. My role was to rehabilitate offenders across male, female and young offender institutes, generally through one of two routes; therapeutic wings or rehabilitation of offender programmes.

People feeling a loss of freedom is all too common in the world of mental health; where the world beyond the comfort zone seems behind the gates giving a feeling of being imprisoned indefinitely. Confused of where and how to access the therapy needed, to the point of doing nothing, but managing to find a way through until the next setback.

Despite the perceived freedom of life, people can feel trapped by their feelings and behind their own mental bars. Keeping them from living a happy, free life and fulfilling their potential. Day to day functioning can become exhausting whether it's dreading speaking out in a meeting for fear of being judged or finding it hard to trust and maintain relationships due to a past trauma.

It is possible to set yourself free from those negative  thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

From that low mood and apathy that you know are holding you back from adopting the habits you know you want to engage in, creating fulfilling relationships and living a life of love.

Imagine how liberated, excited and free spirited you would be when you are set free from the life behind bars. No longer in the comfort zone but with optimism, hope and commitment to live a life without limits.

Is this your time to thrive again?

Here are the two options to work with me one to one:

  1. EMDR Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing1is an integrative therapy that is primarily (but not exclusively) effective in treating trauma.

  2. CBT Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is very much a doing therapy. Exploring the past, impact on the present and shaping the future.

Has this prompted you to set yourself free from your mental health challenges?

Let's arrange a time to chat, I'm here and ready to help you regain clarity, confidence and connection.


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