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Difficulties I can help with

P Depression

P Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

P Complex Trauma (life events)

P Anxiety

P Generalised Anxiety

P Health Anxiety

P Social Phobia

P Panic

P Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

P General disconnect with life

P Low self esteem and/or confidence

P Perfectionism

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Do these mental health problems sound familiar?

Sometimes we can ‘normalise’ how we feel or consider others to be in greater need than ourselves. If you are experiencing mental health problems on any level it is worth taking action so you can stop problems snowballing out of control.


I can help you navigate the kind of mental health support you need. This will depend on a range of self report measures along with the complexity of your mental health, length of time you have experienced mental health problems and your goals for therapy.


Once we have determined the best therapy and get a sense that we can develop a strong therapeutic relationship we will then collaboratively agree on a treatment plan.


Remember you are worth the investment!

Mental health & wellbeing services provided

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Online Live CBT Group Masterclass 
One Day Masterclass

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

EMDR is primarily effective in treating trauma. Accessing different components of memory create an opportunity to reprocess unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. 

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 

In CBT there is an emphasis on progressing the in-session work to lived experiences. Evidence based activities that are designed to promote recovery and actively engage in new ways of responding with day to day situations.


Master Your Mindset

Evidence based CBT delivered either as a one day masterclass in the workplace or as a 6 week live Zoom course. 

Here's what my clients say

SP: Social Phobia (CBT)

“Tanya is a thoughtful and kind hearted therapist. She is resourceful and was able to understand my issues in a way that was caring and approachable. Our sessions were very insightful as it helped me to disect where the root of my pain and worries stemmed from. Tanya is passionate about her work and has become a beacon of hope. I would highly recommend her”

ZK: Generalised Anxiety Disorder (CBT)

“Tanya provided a friendly, open and supportive environment. I felt comfortable talking about and exploring how I felt without any judgement. It felt like we were working together to guide the treatment to the important things, and as a result I've felt and noticed a real positive difference in my everyday life. I now feel more relaxed and the anxious background chatter is gone. I now feel confident in how to deal with anxiety when it shows up”

LG: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CBT)

“Thank you for everything, thank you for showing me that there is life after trauma and helping guide me there. I won’t forget any of the lessons you have taught me and I will be forever grateful to have had you as my therapist”

Something needs to change
but you aren’t sure WHAT

You have landed on this page and already taken the first step to improving your mental wellbeing.


Perhaps some of the problems below resonate with you?


You want to find a way forward and stop avoiding, missing out or moving away from the values that are important to you.


You need a clear plan, tools and strategies that you can apply in the here and now.


You just need to know where to start!


Take a look around the website and I invite you to book a discovery call so we can chat through any questions you may have.


Take Your Next Steps To
Improve Your Mental Health

Ready to start your mental well being journey and

gain clarity and confidence?

Find out more about my services by clicking on the "Enquire Here" button. Alternatively you can complete the contact form here

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